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The legislation for writing off secured debt is very complex and varied and is often open to interpretation. In theory, if you have borrowed money, then you are legally bound to repay the money owed subject to the terms agreed between you and the lender when you took out the loan.

However, there could be any number of reasons why you may be unable to repay the monies owed. There is an opinion that the banks & other lenders have been unfair and irresponsible in their lending and sale of certain products - and have not been open to their customers as to the exact nature of the contract they are entering. So consumer groups and others have put increasing pressure on the lenders responsibilties in allowing, and in some cases actively encouraging borrowers to get themselves in debt.

If you are unable to to repay a debt then the worst case scenario is that you can be declared bankrupt and your assets seized and sold to repay those you owe money to. However, by the time all the costs involved in this process are paid, there is quite often little left over and the creditors may typically get back only 10% of what you owe them. From your point of view as a declared bankrupt - you will be bound for several years by strict rules to ensure that you cannot borrow money etc (even if anyone were willing to lend it to you).

So, many lenders would rather negotiate with you to reduce the debt, and get back what they can, to save the time and cost involved in taking you through the courts and the bankruptcy process (particularly as the courts seem increasingly unwilling to order people out of their homes in recent times). Furthermore, by avoiding bankruptcy, you stand a much better chance of keeping your home and other assets.

That does not mean to say you don't have a tough year or two ahead of you, as if an agreement can be made - you will be expected to repay as much as you can afford back. But by reducing the debt by up to 70% or more this does offer an end in sight for you and a way to get out of debt.


If you are struggling with debt it is possible to get an agreement between you and your creditors (those you owe money to) whereby the debt is reduced and a part payment of the monies owed is accepted. This being agreed by your creditors where it is acknowledged that you are genuinely unable to repay the full debt. The creditors will also freeze the interest charges and allow you to pay back the agreed amount over a set period at regular monthly intervals.

For instance, you may owe £10,000 in total to several creditors who agree to reduce this to £3000 at £125 per month (or what you can afford once all essential* financial commitments are taken into consideration). Thus after 24 months you will have repaid the agreed £3000 and will be free from this debt.

*Mortgage/rent, utility bills, food etc.

Consider the following questions:

I) Have you accumulated debt that you cannot afford to repay?
II) Is the interest being added to the debt each month increasing the debt owed?
III) Is this causing you concern and affecting your health or state of mind?
IV) Have you tried to resolve this but have simply been unable to get on top of it?
V) Are the creditors (loan, mortgage, credit card, store card companies) starting to threaten action against you to recover the debt?

If the answer to all or any of the above questions is Yes then there is good reason for you to be on this website. This situation is increasingly common and if you are not used to dealing with creditors it can seem as if there is no way out of the situation. Whilst there may be a pain threshold to get through, the truth of the matter is that if you don't deal with the problem now then it will only get worse, and you could end up losing a lot more, maybe even your home. But this needn't happen if you start to do something about it today!

It is currently estimated that up to 82% of the UK population are experiencing some sort of debt problem since the onset of the recession 2 or 3 years ago. We speak to hundreds of people every day, and there is usually a way out of debt once you confront the issue and we are experts in dealing with this sort of problem.

How do we do this? If you have reached the situation, as if often the case, where you can not afford to pay back & reduce your credit card debt we will:

I) Negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount owed (they would usually rather do this than take you to court) by up to 70%.
II) Stop interest being added to the debt.
III) Agree a monthly amount you can afford to pay back to clear the remaining 30%.
IV) Protect your home and other assets.
V) Ensure this programme will get you debt free within a realistic amount of time (you don't want to be paying off the debt for the rest of your life) - usually not more than 2 years.

Every case is unique, and in order to ensure we do put together the best debt recovery programme for you we do need to speak to you, and our service is completely confidential and no obligation (you do not have to follow our advice if you don't want to).

Below are a couple of examples of people we have helped.

Example 1

Mr Williams (aged 37 years) is married with 2 children and is a homeowner. The net household income is £1400 per month from. From this he has the following monthly commitments:

1) Mortgage: £550 p/m
2) Utility bills: £275 p/m
3) Living Expenses (food/clothes etc): £425 p/m

Mr Williams also has 3 credit cards on which he has, over a period of time, accumulated £6000 of debt, and an overdraught of £1500. he also has an unsecured car loan for £3000. Total Debt = £10500.00

Because Mr Williams has defaulted on these debts they have increased over the last year or so resulting in increased debt making it impossible for him to repay. Mr Williams contacted us and we were able to negotiate with the 5 unsecured creditors to stop charging interest on the debts and reduce the debt to £3000. Mr Williams was allowed to repay this debt at £100 a month (or more if he was able) to repay the debt!

Example 2

Miss Harrington and her partner are tenants. They had accumulated £8000 of credit card debt on 3 seperate credit and store cards (store cards are the worst) which they could not to afford to repay and, as in the previous example, the interest being charged was increasing the debt. We were able to negotiate with their creditors a debt recovery plan to get them out of debt in less than 2 years.

What To Do?

The above examples are just 2 of many thousands of people we are currently helping to deal with their debt problem. Our advice is completely FREE and in total confidence. The above examples may not quite fit your circumstances but we have many years of experience helping people get back on the road to debt recovery. Please don't let the problem get worse - CONTACT US TODAY! YOU CAN SOLVE THIS WITH OUR HELP.



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“Thank you for your help with my debt problems. I really couldn't see a way out and your staff were sympathetic, reassuring and practical throughout. I can now get on with my life and look forward to being debt free by the end of this year which I could never have imagined just a short while ago. As your site states, once you start to deal with the problem you start to solve the problem”

Charlotte, Shrewsbury

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