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Secured loans for UK home owners from £10,000 to £200,000 for any purpose: home improvements, debt consolidation, holiday, car purchase.

Secured Loans Against Property (House)

Secured loans are loans that are secured against a property. They will normally go behind a mortgage, and enable homeowners to raise funds for any purpose, such as home improvements, to consolidate existing debt, to buy a new car. By securing against property, lenders will offer a lower rate of interest as they have the security that the monthly payments will be paid and they will get their money back. There is a much lower risk for lenders securing against a property rather than an unsecured loan.  Secured loans can also be taken out over a longer term, which would make the payments easier for the homeowner.

We can help - even if you have had problems in the past, you may still qualify for one of our secured loans; we have a range of plans to suit most circumstances. Our service is 100% secure and confidential, and you can relax and sit back because we will do the legwork and paperwork for you!

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Securing A Loan

A homeowner loan is a debt that is secured against a property. It is normally referred to as a secured loan and can only be taken out by homeowners that have equity in their property. Rates on a secured loan are often cheaper than an unsecured loan as the lenders have some certainty that they will be repaid as the borrowing is tied to the home.

A homeowner loan can be used for many things; most people use them to fund home improvements or to consolidate existing debt. The interest rate charged on a secured loan will normally be a lot lower than on an unsecured loan. Credit cards or unsecured loans may have very high rates of interest, so by consolidating debt and having just one monthly payment may dramatically reduce the monthly outgoings and make life a lot easier.

You could borrow up to £200,000 over 3-25 years by securing a loan.

Debt Consolidation Secured Loans

Debt consolidation Secured loans are used to combine monthly credit payments such as costly credit card payments and car loan payments into a single monthly payment. This can make your debt easier to manage and can significantly reduce your monthly outgoings*. We can offer homeowners a range of debt consolidation loans which can be used to consolidate many credit commitments such as:

  • Car loans
  • Bank loans
  • Credit card and Store card debt
  • Bank overdraft
  • Family debt

You could be able to consolidate up to £200,000 worth of existing debt and spread the repayments from 3 to 25 years which might significantly reduce your monthly outgoings.

If you are thinking of consolidating existing borrowing you should be aware that you may be extending the terms of the debt and increasing the total amount you repay.

Home Improvement Secured loans

Home improvement loans are loans used to improve a homeowners property. By making improvements to a property it can increase the value of the property. We can offer homeowners a range of home improvement loans which can be used to do various home improvements such as:

  • Building a conservatory
  • Updating a kitchen
  • A loft conversion
  • Replacing a bathroom
  • Landscaping a garden
  • Updating the central heating system.

A home improvement secured loan could finance up to £200,000 of home improvements and you could repay this over 3-25 years.

Bad Credit Homeowner Loans

Many homeowners who believe that they have a bad credit history may not think they are able to get help with a secured loan. They may have been turned down for a remortgage or a loan from their bank due to their credit history and do not know where to turn. We have access to a panel of lenders that are able to help even if you have:

  • Missed mortgage or existing secured loan payments
  • Missed credit card or unsecured loan payments
  • A CCJ or default registered against you
  • Been refused a loan elsewhere

You could borrow up to £200,000 over 3-30 years with a bad credit homeowner loan.

Think carefully before securing debt against your home as you may be repossessed if you miss payments on a secured loan. Typical APR 8% (maximum 24%) repayable over 3-30 years.

Example: Typical loan size of £25,000 over 120 months repayments = £275.82 p/m.
4.35% Variable APR 6% (including £1800.00 fees).
Total repayable = £33,098.

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