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Reasons For Debt - The Modern Curse

It was recenty reported in the media that up 82% of UK citizens are currently experiencing problems with debt to the extent that they are having to cut back on neccesities to deal with the problem. You only have to pick up a newspaper or listen to The Jeremy Vine current affairs programme on Radio 2 which will often focus on this problem.

Why Is this? There is no straight answer to this. Young adults coming out of further education are now often saddled with student loans at the start of their working life. Parents are having to contribute more and more towards their children's education. We are all living longer, and often the financial cost of caring for an elderly relative can contribute. Perhaps if we were to look at the cause of the recent recession - a lot of the cause of this was because of the banks and other lenders taking huge risks in lending money that the borrower was ultimately unable toi repay. And who bore the brunt of this? The British Taxpayer footing the bill to bail out the banks!

Who Can We Blame?

Who do we blame? The Banks? The Government? Ourselves?

Inevitably the average british taxpayer has every right to feel disgruntled. We pay our taxes, our mortgage or rent, and it does seem that we have been sold up the river. But do we really think that any of these orgnisations are going to knock on our front door and solve the problem for us? The banks may do - by encourarging us to borrow more money to pay off our debts. But there is a danger here that we are continuing in a deeper spiral downwards into more debt and are being told, in many cases, by the instituitons that got us there in the first place, that they will be our saviours! Do we trust them?

Dealing With The Problem Ourselves

There is no straightforward answer to our individual debt problems as each case is unique and our circumstances can vary immensely - but, the simple answer is that if we don't deal with the problem then it will only get worse! And the earlier we deal with it the better and easier it will be to solve the problem. And there is help at hand.

Who Do You Owe Money To?

If you are a homeowner the chances are that you have a mortgage with a bank or building society. Obviously it is important that you keep up the repayments on your mortgage to keep your home. You may also have a secured loan (a second charge) against your home or other asset.

Whether you are a homeowner, council tenant, private tenant or even living at home with your parents, you may also have unsecured debt.

Unsecured debt can include credit or store cards, bank overdraughts, mobile 'phone contracts, unsecured loans etc etc. It is often the unsecured debt that can cause the problem as it is very easy to get and the interest charges are very high. Once we get into that cycle the interest rate charged on the unsecured debt can become more than we can afford to pay off each month so the debt increases and we just cannot get out of this loop.

What Can You Do?

1) Seek professional advice straight away.
2) Do not be tempted to borrow money (unless you are a homeowner with a lot of equity in your property - please seek advice first however, you may have difficulty getting a remortgage if you have other debt).
3) Stop using your credit and store cards.
4) Contact us using the short form above to speak, in strict confidence, to a qualified debt advisor. We will be able to get many of you debts written off and a programme to debt recovery.

Example 1

Mr Williams (aged 37 years) is married with 2 children and is a homeowner. The net household income is £1400 per month from. From this he has the following monthly commitments:

1) Mortgage: £550 p/m
2) Utility bills: £275 p/m
3) Living Expenses (food/clothes etc): £425 p/m

Mr Williams also has 3 credit cards on which he has, over a period of time, accumulated £6000 of debt, and an overdraught of £1500. he also has an unsecured car loan for £3000. Total Debt = £10500.00

Because Mr Williams has defaulted on these debts they have increased over the last year or so resulting in increased debt making it impossible for him to repay. Mr Williams contacted us and we were able to negotiate with the 5 unsecured creditors to stop charging interest on the debts and reduce the debt to £3000. Mr Williams was allowed to repay this debt at £100 a month (or more if he was able) to repay the debt!

Example 2

Miss Harrington and her partner are tenants. They had accumulated £8000 of credit card debt on 3 seperate credit and store cards (store cards are the worst) which they could not to afford to repay and, as in the previous example, the interest being charged was increasing the debt. We were able to negotiate with their creditors a debt recovery plan to get them out of debt in less than 2 years.

What To Do?

The above examples are just 2 of many thousands of people we are currently helping to deal with their debt problem. Our advice is completely FREE and in total confidence. The above examples may not quite fit your circumstances but we have many years of experience helping people get back on the road to debt recovery. Please don't let the problem get worse - CONTACT US TODAY! YOU CAN SOLVE THIS WITH OUR HELP.



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“Thank you for your help with my debt problems. I really couldn't see a way out and your staff were sympathetic, reassuring and practical throughout. I can now get on with my life and look forward to being debt free by the end of this year which I could never have imagined just a short while ago. As your site states, once you start to deal with the problem you start to solve the problem”

Charlotte, Shrewsbury

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