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We will compare every UK life insurance policy to get the lowest rates for you. If you already have a quote LET US BEAT IT! Once you have your quote from us you are free to go directly to the provider(s) to see if you can get a better deal, you may be surprised!

The table below shows how we can save you money by comparing the best rates from all UK Providers! We are totally independent and do not charge a fee so why wouldn't you want to compare our quotes to others? The figures are based on a £100,000 cover, the insured aged 35 years, non-smoker for a 20 year fixed term.

  OUR QUOTE £6.71 OUR QUOTE £6.71
  Tesco £7.07 Tesco £7.07
  Post Office £7.13 Post Office £7.13
  Norwich Union £7.14 Norwich Union £7.14
  Legal & General £7.30 Legal & General £7.30



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    What Is Term Life Assurance? Term Life Assurance is a cheap form of life insurance that covers you and those 'assured' in the event of death or a critical illness. You pay a regular monthly premium for a set period (or term) at the end of which the policy expires. Typically the period of cover would be about 20 to 30 years and could be taken to cover a mortgage or loan, or to protect your family. Term Life Assurance can be taken out on single or joint lives and you do not have to be the main breadwinner to require cover.

    Level Term Assurance: Level Term Assurance is where the 'sum assured' remains the same throughout the term of the policy. This type of policy is more suitable if you have an Interest Only Mortgage or for Family Protection.

    Decreasing Term Assurance: The sum assured decreases throughout the term of the policy. This type of insurance would typically be used to cover a Repayment Mortgage where the sum owed decreases. Decreasing Term Assurance is therefore cheaper than Level Term Assurance.

    Mortgage Term Assurance: Mortgage Term Assurance would be the term used for a policy that is taken out to protect your mortgage. The policy would pay off the full amount of the mortgage to protect the family home in the event of your death.

    INSURANCE/ASSURANCE - What's the difference?

    There is none really. The term 'assurance' refers to a sum 'assured', ie if you insure yourself for £100,000 then in the event of a succesful claim the amount paid to your beneficiaries is 'assured' to be £100,000.

    Unlike most 'insurance' policies whereby the amount paid is not 'assured'. Take a claim on a car insurance policy for instance. If you make an insurance claim for damage following an accident and the damage costs £500 to repair then the insurance company pay the £500 (minus the excess of course). You cannot insure the car for a sum 'assured', ie £2000 whether the repairs cost more or less than this.

    Effectively, when we refer to life insurance/assurance we are talking about the same thing. It would seem that the more generic term 'insurance', tends to be used, when, strictly speaking, 'assurance' is the more accurate term.


    If you have a family and/or a mortgage, life insurance can give you peace of mind that they will be looked after in the tragic event of your death. None of us like to think about it, but understanding how this type of insurance works could save you money.

    You should first look at term assurance. This temporary form of life insurance is offered by most assurance companies, a number of friendly societies and other financial providers.

    It's based on a simple concept - the insurer guarantees to pay the policy benefits if you die within a given time. If you survive to the end of the policy's term, no benefit will be paid.

    The term of the policy depends upon you and may be anything from a few years to several decades but it should coincide with your need for protection. Policies may be written on your life or on the life of yourself and your partner. Term assurance is the least expensive form of life cover. Be aware that premiums for men tend to be higher because on average they do not live as long as women. Premiums for smokers are more expensive.


“Thank your team for a truly excellent, honest, top class service. We'd previously had several online quotes that turned out to be totally inaccurate which wasted an awful amount of our time. Your staff were fast, efficient and not at all pushy.”

Carol & Adam, Surrey

“Trying to get a straight forward quote for life assurance online turned out to be a total nightmare with the exception of you guys".

“After completing the form I got a call from Rachel who went through my details with me on the 'phone and gave me several quotes within minutes. Your rates were the best and Rachel explained the different benefits of the different policies. All I had to do was have a think about it and then sign and return the forms”

Susan, Perth

“Because of my occupation I thought I may be ineligible for life assurance, but you guys had the specialist knowledge and knew where to look. You are truly miracle workers, a fast and efficient service!”

Duncan, Cheshire


Getting the right life assurance policy is an important decision and it can be quite a daunting prospect but one that should not be taken lightly. Do you fully understand what features the different policies offer and why premiums vary so much? None of us want to think about dying, but as you are considering taking out life assurance to protect either your home or your family then you do want to make sure that the things you value most are protected.

It is important therefore, that you take a little time considering what it is you're buying. Many websites claim to provide an 'online quote' but more often than not these are not at all accurate as they are based on someone of a certain (young) age in perfect health. If you have had previous health issues, there is a family history, lifestyle considerations or are involved in what is considered a hazardous occupation or take part in a dangerous sport (and this could be a sport that you hadn't considered as dangerous) it is important that you do declare this. It may not necessarily affect the cost of your policy but if, tragically, a claim were to be made, this could be declined due to non-disclosure, even if the cause of death were totally unrelated.

Our service offers access to every single life assurance policy on the market. When you submit your enquiry you will be designated your own personal expert advisor who will work on your behalf to research the whole market to find the best policy for you and your family. No-one will visit you, after a short phone call to establish your circumstances and requirements your advisor will be working for you to SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY and give you peace of mind. If you decide to proceed the forms will be completed on your behalf and all you'll need to do is sign and return them.


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Please note that this is not an automated online quote service! Many websites claim to offer this but in most cases the online quote will be totally inaccurate and will be based on a young person in perfect health.

The easiest and quickest way to get you the best quote is for an advisor to speak to you to fully understand your requirements and circumstances.

Once you have your quote you will not be bothered further and it is entirely up to you whether you proceed. You do not have to follow the recommendations made!

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“Thank your team for a truly excellent, honest, top class service. We'd previously had several online quotes that turned out to be totally inaccurate which wasted an awful amount of our time. Your staff were fast, efficient and not at all pushy.”

Carol & Adam, Surrey

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